Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Photofriday - One

Photofriday - One

This is the first post on my photoblog and I thought I had better choose something I could enter in the photofriday challenge for this week. This was taken a few years ago while visiting Kangaroo island, Australia. The seagull was hovering to see if it could steal any titbits while the local pelican population were being fed.

Feel free to make any comments you like as hopefully a bit of criticism will help me improve. Hopefully I'll get the chance to put a regular post on here but as this is the first we'll see how I get on. Thanks for coming to have a look.


Anonymous tobias said...

No criticsm for this. Light is lovely and the energy is great. Nicely framed too.

A great image to kick off your site as well.

Having your own photoblog is great isn't it.

Where are you based?

24/8/05 3:13 pm  
Anonymous VelviaPix said...

Excellent, welcome to the fascinating world of the photobloggers. Careful, it is very addictve ;-).
Fantastic shot to begin your story. We'll be following you closely.


24/8/05 4:26 pm  
Blogger afphotography said...

Thanks both for the positive comments, I'll hopefully have another shot on later today.

Tobias: I'm on the leicestershire derbyshire border right in the middle of the national forest.

25/8/05 8:23 am  
Anonymous tobias said...

C'mon, where's the next image ;)

27/8/05 4:44 pm  

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